4.9% Mkt. Plan!

TeamPace Realty's 4.9% Commission Plan!

The more you understand about our incredible marketing program the more impressed you will be.  Never again will you consider paying a full 6% or 7% commission!  Why would you?  With our success proven plan you receive complete professional "full service" marketing of your home with guaranteed service at an ultra low commission rate.  It is without question one of the best values around in full service real estate!  It's a best value, not simply because of the low commission rate, but because of the exceptional service and marketing you receive.

What do we mean by "full service?"  It means we do all of the work in marketing, promoting, handling inquiries, showings, advertising, internet marketing, completing contracts, addenda, negotiations, disclosures, assisting with inspections, appraisers, lenders, co-operating agents, city inspections, and then attend the closing with you.  You can relax and let us do all the work while you save thousands with our ultra-low commission with no up-front or hidden fees. 

What do you get for your money? How can we offer such a tremendous value?  Read on to find out!

First, our marketing plan includes all of the following!

  1. The full power and benefit of the multiple listing service (MLS) promoting your home to roughly 3,000 local real estate agents and their buyers. And we offer the same full selling compensation* to those agents as they would earn selling most any other home on the market, including those listed with companies who charge 6% and 7%.  This is a critical advantage with our program that most of the few companies offering such a low commission rate DON'T provide!  Most of them either don't offer such a complete marketing program, or they require you to do much of the work yourself.  Worse yet they may not offer your home through the MLS (or offer it at lower compensation, discouraging agents to show it). Because the MLS is the driving force behind the majority of sales you simply must take full advantage of this system to have proper market exposure.
  2. Eye-catching TeamPace Realty "For Sale" sign assuring buyers that your home is being offered through the professional services of a REALTOR.
  3. Full Color promotional flyers including a photo of your home.
  4. Brochure box on the sign so buyers have quick access to info. (as permitted)
  5. Brochure stand and color flyers inside the home for showings.
  6. Recorded Property Hotline giving buyers 24/7 access to recorded info about your home with an invitation to then directly connect with your agent.
  7. Realtor.com premium "showcase" listing of your home.
  8. TeamPace.com listing of your home with multi-photo slideshow.
  9. Homes.com premium upgraded listing of your home with multiple photos.
  10. Yahoo.com real estate listing of your home with a photo. (as  available)
  11. TeamPace Realty's "Secrets to a Successful  Home Sale" report with marketing and fix up tips to help sell your home quickly for the best price.
  12. Professional, strategic pricing guidance to properly price your home.
  13. Home Feedback system to provide you with timely feedback from showings of your home.
  14. Online access to detailed reporting of the activities completed in marketing your home. 
  15. First American home warranty plans available.
  16. Representation at the closing.
  17. Our professional services throughout the home sale process!
  18. A written marketing service guarantee.

How can we offer such great service and marketing for only 4.9%?

  1. Lower overhead & cost effective management.  And because of the exceptional value we offer, we acquire the majority of listings from our appointments. We make better use of our time and are able to pass those savings on to you.
  2. You don't have to help pay for a huge, new, lavishly decorated, spiral staircased, multi-million dollar office building which does nothing to sell your home!  Our agents work from fully equipped, state of the art home offices where they are more productive and more available to you, our valued client.  Our high tech communications system just makes it seem as though we all work from one location.
  3. We don't waste hundreds of thousands of dollars per year on fancy, company labeled homes guides which offer poor marketing value for your home.
  4. No national franchise fees. Fees which ultimately must get passed on to you in higher commission rates or even extra fees on top of high rates!
  5. We don't belong to a national referral network requiring us to pay up to 35% of each referred transaction to them.  Your home is still well represented to those referral buyers because agents have a legal responsibility to show and sell the best home possible to their buyers, INCLUDING YOUR HOME, not just their company's listings!
  6. We do use state of the art computerized marketing and communications systems to give you the best marketing and service possible, as efficiently as possible.  For example, our on-line marketing service reporting is available to you anytime through your own personal password protected on-line access. Log-on to your personal report and stay informed instantly as each step of our marketing program is executed!  It's one example of how we provide better service to you with more efficiency for us.
  7. We do invest our time, efforts, and money wisely in the way we market your home maximizing those methods which have a proven track record.  We don't waste our resources on marketing efforts that don't produce good results such as open houses which account for only about one in fifty home sales.  However if you prefer them and/or your home is uniquely qualified to benefit from them, they are available as an option to our program for a small increase in commission rate (still well below our full-service competition!)
  8. We do have a reasonable "minimum commission amount" of $3,495 which would be applicable to homes selling below about $72,000. We handle short sale listings  for 6% commission since these listings usually take considerably  more time/effort to sell and banks expect to pay that much. We also reserve the right to decline listings we feel may be unusually difficult to market or if you desire to price your home substantially above our opinion of it's true market value.
  9. We don't play the variable/dual commission game which gives you false hope that you MIGHT get a lower commission IF the home gets sold in a certain way (such as only one agent involved.)  Agents know that in reality the vast majority of home sales never qualify for the lower commission.  Unfortunately offering that type of commission system can actually give your listing agent a dis-incentive to sell your home to his or her buyers (ask us why)!

Marketing program and pricing is current at time of publishing but subject to revision. *Commission rates and co-op commission splits are not set by law and vary from company to company.  If your home is currently listed with another company this is not an attempt to solicit that listing. Please disregard this offer.   We are always happy to work with competing companies and succeed in maintaining positive working relationships with them.

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